Tips for Homeowners

Controlling Common Weeds in Your Lawn

Eventually weeds will be a problem in every lawn. Keeping your lawn lush and healthy helps choke many weeds out. If you do get a weed infestation, take quick action. Once a weed population spreads, it is more visible in your yard and harder to eradicate.

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Summer Lawn Care

Believe it or not, the summer months are toughest on our lawns – especially in hot, Inland California climates. Maintaining your lawn’s healthy green color and thickness takes a little bit more effort in the summer than it does in cooler weather. We’ve compiled a few...

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Best Types of Grass for Dogs

Between potty time and play time, dogs can be especially hard on grass. While no grass variety is completely 100% resistant to the ravages of Rover, there are a few types of grasses that recover quickly from urine burning or digging. Grasses that use a stolon or...

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Proper Mowing Height for Your Lawn

The height at which you mow your lawn not only varies by the variety of grass you have in your yard, but also can determine how much water is needed to maintain its fullest green color all through the spring and summer.

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Spring Lawn Care

Spring is a great time to give your lawn a shot in the arm to keep it looking healthy and green through the summer.  Lawn varieties that go dormant in the winter such as Bermuda and St. Augustine will begin to green up. Fescue turf will begin to grow more aggressively...

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Winter Lawn Care

The most common lawn type is Fescue turf grass which stays green year-round in most California climates. Fescue growth slows down in the winter, decreasing the need for mowing to once every two or three weeks instead of every week.

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7 Reasons to Plant a Lawn

With low rainfall numbers over the past few years in California bringing about drought conditions, many homeowners are considering removing their lawns in favor of what they perceive to be a more water wise xeriscape. However, several research studies have been conducted recently that have helped us realize…

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Autumn Lawn Care

Fall is a great time to think about preparing your lawn for the spring – before the weather turns too cold. Most people assume that with the cooler temperatures approaching, lawn care can take a back seat to other things happening in the yard. This isn’t exactly true....

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