Summer Lawn Care Tips

June through September

Elite Plus

  • Do not apply fertilizers with high Nitrogen content in hot summer months! This can lead to burning of the grass and increase the risk of disease. Instead, use Nitrogen fertilizers sparingly or apply Iron for summer color. The first number in the fertilizer mix represents the % Nitrogen content. For example, 21-7-14 fertilizer consists of 21% Nitrogen by weight and is considered high Nitrogen content.
  • Using a recommended mowing height of 2 3/4 to 3 inches will help the Elite Plus Fescue better survive the hot summer months.
  • Apply a contact herbicide to control Broadleaf weeds in the summer.
  • Summer is the most common time for cool season grasses to contract disease. See the general guidelines regarding Disease Diagnosis and Control.

Hybrid Bermuda

  • Fertilize every 8-10 weeks with an all-purpose fertilizer such as 21-7-14. Frequent fertilization will improve color but also require more mowing due to faster growth rate.
  • Apply a contact herbicide to control Broadleaf grass weeds in the summer.

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