Removal and Replacement of Natural Grass Fields

A-G Sod Farms has been a leader in the Natural Grass Industry for over 55 years. Our removal and replacement services* for natural grass fields are top notch!

At A-G Sod Farms…

Bulldozer removing SOD slowly due to the use of the incorrect equipment during the removal process

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and offer quick turnaround!

Don’t risk delaying large projects because of slow, tedious removal practices.

Trust us to get your job done quickly and efficiently with our state-of-the-art equipment and professional crew.

A natural grass field of drought tolerant Bermuda installed by A-G Sod Farms

We offer replacement with today’s leading drought tolerant Bermudas!

TifTuf™, Celebration® and Northbridge® Hybrid Bermudas are just some of the varieties available for replacement.

Large Rolls of thick but SOD grown and provided by A-G Sod farms

We have Big Rolls and Thick Cut Sod

A-G Big Rolls and thick cut sod options are also available. Big Roll cuts allow for fewer seams, and shorter downtime allowing for quicker use.

Thick cuts, harvested in 1-inch thickness make for a more durable surface, great for high traffic areas, like playing fields.

Our Equipment

A-G Sod heavy duty equipment replacing natural grass in a sports field efficiently and quickly.

Our professional crews use a GKB Combinator to get the job done correctly. It’s the most reliable grass removal machine on the market. The Combinator easily removes the top layer without affecting the root network.

See it in action! Watch this quick video and see its efficiency.

Removal and replacement are a great option for sports fields, golf courses, parks, schools and other areas!

*Min. job size required. Removal of natural grass fields only. Customer responsible for haul-away and disposal.


Removal and Replacement—Your Solution for Worn and Distressed Fields!

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