A study done by a team of turf scientists at University of California Riverside ** showed the following savings of Warm Season turf versus Cool Season turf:

  • Normal watering: 25% savings
  • Deficit watering: 33% savings
  • Survival watering: 50% savings

Californians typically have planted Fescue which is a Cool Season turf. Fescue is a wonderful grass which stays green year-round. It makes sense for front yards and where visual appeal is foremost. But if you want to keep your lawn and save water, the easiest way is to grow naturally drought tolerant Warm Season turf such as Hybrid Bermuda or St. Augustine.

The main drawback of Warm Season turf is it goes dormant and loses green color in the colder months. One could also see this as a positive since it requires no irrigation during those months = 100% water savings in the winter!

Check out our Tifway, Tifgreen, Celebration, and St. Augustine Warm Season varieties on our Products page. Not all varieties are available in all locations.

** Source: Figure 1, “Managing Turfgrasses During Drought,” a publication of University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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