Why use A-G Sod Big Rolls?

Big Roll Installation Process

Benefits of Big Rolls

Quality of Installation

Big Rolls provide a smoother surface and fewer edges to dry out since there are fewer seams than with slabs or small rolls. With faster installation comes the benefit of being able to apply water quickly, resulting in less stress to the turf.

Efficient Installation

Since sod installation equipment does the lifting and placement of the sod, Big Rolls save both time and labor. An experienced crew of four can install up to 50,000 square feet in a day.

Faster Utilization

Once properly placed, Big Roll Sod stays in place due to the size of the roll. The installed area is ready for play more quickly than other turf installation methods. If desired, we can custom harvest thicker rolls for immediate utilization of the area.

Helpful Tips for Big Roll Installations

Installation Available

If you want a turn-key solution, A-G Sod Farms can provide professional installation for your Big Roll jobs. Ask your A-G Sod Farms representative for information and pricing.

Site Considerations

Big Rolls work best in open spaces without an excessive amount of curves or trees. Based on the layout of your site, you may want to order one or more pallets of slabs or rolls for finishing angles, curves and small detail areas. Nearby access is needed for a tractor-trailer (65′ long x 8′ wide) and close access is needed for a forklift (9′ wide and 10′ tall).

Equipment Required

Several types of laying equipment can be used to install Big Rolls. They include:

  • Tractor with a lift capacity of 3,000 lbs. A three point hitch attachment is available at some locations.
  • Skid Steer or Bobcat. A laying attachment is available upon request at some locations.
  • Some of our farms also have specialized installation equipment available for rent.

Soil Preparation

As with all sod installations, proper soil preparation is essential. Kill lawn weeds and grasses with a recommended herbicide, remove rocks and debris and add soil amendments as desired. Work the soil with a rake until it is level and smooth. If soil seems loose, rolling may be done to firm the soil prior to installation. The final grade should be one inch below walkways and driveways.

Installation Methods

Using your choice of equipment described above, lay rolls as close as possible to each other while still avoiding overlap. Using a landscape rake, pull rolls together and snug up tightly. Water immediately and keep moist until sod is established.

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