Homeowners Love Natural Grass!

Here’s Why


Grass Holds up Well to Child & Pet Play

With natural lawns offering a space for children and pets to run and play year around, it’s important to choose a grass variety that can hold up to heavy foot traffic. Hybrid Bermuda varieties have an excellent track record for recovering and repairing themselves quickly.

Positive environmental impact!

Natural Grass Reduces Carbon Dioxide & Creates Oxygen

Natural lawns at home are a great way to reduce carbon and other pollutants from the air families are breathing. A 50 x 50 foot area of lawn can provide enough oxygen for a family of four every day!

Good for you!

Studies Show Grass Lawns Reduce Stress & Boost Overall Wellness

People with a view of a green landscape recover from stress 4 to 6 times faster. Families are encouraged to pull out a blanket or lawn chair, and enjoy the relaxing benefits lawns have to offer!

Enjoyable year ’round!

Grass Lawns Stay Cool to the Touch

Studies have shown that in warmer climates, fake grass can become hotter than asphalt. This can be dangerous for bare skin and pets. In fact, many schools and parks have started to remove it from their playing fields.


Well Maintained Yards Increase Home Value

Whether the plan is to sell in the future or create a forever home, natural lawns can add great value and curb appeal to any property. Homes with well-maintained lawns have been shown to have an increased property value of up to 15%, and who can deny the beauty of a green, lush lawn!

Varieties perfect for homes

  • Elite Plus – Beautiful Year Round Color, Easily Adapts to Western Climates
  • Hybrid Bermuda – Saves on Watering & Resistant to Wear, Recovers Quickly

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