Sod Variety:​ TifTuf
Cut: Big Roll
Square Footage: Approx. 114,000 Sq. Ft.
Timeframe: 3 Days
Farm: A-G Sod Farms – Palmdale

Recently A-G Sod Farms, Palmdale completed an extensive big roll installation at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA. The project was completed in two phases over three days and consisted of a soccer field and other mixed-use areas.

St Thomas Aquinas College Campus with newly installed TifTuf sod

Crews installed TifTuf, a hybrid Bermuda variety that is known for its drought-tolerance and its ability to maintain a superior winter color. Another advantage of this variety is its wear resistance and ability to recovery making it a great choice for sports fields that can experience high levels of use.

The project encountered minimal challenges according to Ruben Aranibar, sales representative for A-G Sod Farms – Palmdale. “This project greatly transformed the campus of St. Thomas Aquinas and will offer a quality playing surface for years to come” says Aranibar.