Sod Variety:​ Ball Park Blend
Cut: Big Roll
Square Footage: Approx. 200,000 Sq. Ft.
Timeframe: 5 Days
Farm: A-G Sod Farms – Nuevo

Newly constructed Liberty High School in Winchester, CA recently underwent a large-scale big roll installation. This project featured a varsity baseball field, including the infield, a large multi-use sport field, and a softball outfield completed by our Nuevo farm with help from Pierre Landscape.

Finished Big roll installation at Liberty High School baseball field

Spanning over five days, approximately 200,000 sq. ft. of Ball Park Blend was installed to transform these dirt fields into top of the line playing fields. Due to the size of this project and the ongoing construction at the site there was a considerable amount of coordination and pre-planning with various trades needed in order to ensure the successful completion of this install.

Coordinating this extensive project was Paul Gaudet, sales representative for A-G Sod Farms – Nuevo. “The most gratifying thing for the school, the kids, A-G and Pierre Landscape was to transform a dusty dirt landscape into beautiful grass sport fields.” With these new sports fields, the students of Liberty High School will now be able to enjoy playing on their home turf.