Greens industry professionals know the methods for growing quality products vary by season, climate, soil type, irrigation method and plant variety. That is why experience counts in the turf industry. The picture below shows our Sales and Management team with 263 YEARS OF CUMMULATIVE TURF EXPERIENCE or an AVERAGE OF 20 YEARS!

From left to right: Jeff Tuesburg (Palmdale Sales – 2 years), Paul Gaudet (Moreno Valley Sales – 19 years), Greg Searle (Stockton Manager – 11 years), Joel Addink (Finance/Marketing – 22 years), Todd Gerrow (Stockton Sales – 6 years), Rick Moss (Palmdale Manager – 22 years), Harlan Horst (Colorado Manager – 38 years), Larry LeMay (District Manager – 23 years), Greg Jaurena (Moreno Valley Manager – 29 years), Curtis Blasingame (Fresno Manager – 21 years), Mark Hommel (Moreno Valley Sales – 3 years), and Bruce Cason (Fresno Sales – 19 years). Not pictured – John Addink (Owner – 48 years). 263 YEARS OF TOTAL TURFGRASS EXPERIENCE!!