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The Sod Father

The Sod Father

I have three awesome kids and grew up in a sod farming family, so I guess that qualifies me as a “sod father.”  I love working with great people in the Greens Industry and that our product provides the “finishing touch” to a landscape.  Over the years I have learned a few things about turfgrass from people who grow it every day.  Hopefully some of this is helpful and interesting to those who want to know more about turfgrass.

Spring Lawn Care

Spring is a time of new beginnings and a reminder to look on the positive, thankful side of life whenever possible. Most California lawns look great this spring with all the rain we got over the winter. Here are some tips to take care of your lawn this season.

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Winter Turf Update

The picture below of Interstate 80 in the Lake Tahoe area shows we have some good snowpack in the mountains! In spite of record January snowfall, it is apparent some water restrictions will continue. So Landscapers, Architects and Maintenance staff should look at...

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Caring for Your Lawn in the Winter

With colder weather of winter, the care of turfgrass change dramatically from the hot summer months. Here are a few highlights for those living in the majority of California

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Do Native Grasses Save Water?

Some California turf and seed growers have promoted water-saving Native Grasses during the recent drought. While these varieties have a “native” look when not mowed, a recent UC Riverside study casts serious doubt on the water savings claim for these varieties.

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Getting Rid of Unwanted Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is water conservative and a great surface for sports fields, golf courses, parks and high traffic yards. However, some people prefer the year-round green of Fescue turfgrass.

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Installation Time Lapse

I am involved with a soccer program at our church. We have grown from 120 kids four years ago to this fall we will hit 620! We need all the field space we can get so we recently renovated a Fescue turf area that had poor drainage

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Disease in Fescue Turfgrass

My neighbor and I were chatting recently when I noticed his lawn had some dying spots. He thought it was lack of water and had cranked up the minutes on his irrigation controller.

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